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MO 21

Ballad of a White Cow (STRAZEkino)

Ghasideyeh gave sefid
Iranian family drama about a mother who learns a year after her husband's execution that he was innocent and demands justice.
Drama / IR, FR 2020 / Maryam Moghaddam, Behtash Sanaeeha / Original (Farsi) + german subtitles / 105 Min / Blu-ray / Rated12

Mina tells her little daughter that her father is far away. In reality, he was executed. A year after his death, Mina learns that her husband was innocent. The authorities offer her the prospect of financial compensation, but Mina takes up the fight against an inhumane system and demands more than just material reparations. One day, Mina meets a friend of her husband's who wants to settle an old debt. Mina lets him into her life without knowing his secret.

The movie shows the struggle against an inhuman system, which we currently see in the streets of Iran.

Entrance: from 7:30 pm
Start: 8:00 pm

Admission: 5€

The film is shown in the original language (Farsi) with German subtitles.


Monday night is movies night at STRAZE.

Weltkino Filmverleih

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