Finally STRAZE – An open house for much and many

Tension, biting nails, a lot of hands and tireless feet whirling, tinkering, cleaning, and then just driving to Rostock to pick up the long-awaited chairs for the opening events at the last minute. The atmosphere a few hours before the first official opening event can be described with many adjectives, but still not put into appropriate words. But the doors opened, the curtain fell and the enthusiasm can be seen in many participants. The jubilation and relief are great and the house is finally a social house again, open to many and much.

Overall, on Thursday, October 15. and on Friday, October 16 2020 six opening events took place. The long and meticulously devised hygiene concept made it possible to pop the corks in the hall with 60 guests per opening round. Many people who are involved in this project and have persistently supported the STRAZE idea for years had their say. The stage could be inaugurated with six very different cultural contributions and thank you could be said six times, because so many volunteers, committed, supporters and organizations make this enjoyable, diverse, solidarity, intermingling and open to encounter common good possible. The opening program has on October 15th. only started and will continue until 1.11. the house can be visited and events attended… .. and then forever.
Just take a look at the STRAZE opening program and book tickets.

At this point, it should be pointed out once again that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hygiene rules are observed and a mouth and nose cover must be worn in the house, and registration is required to visit a tour or event.

In spite of adverse circumstances, STRAZE cordially invites you to join in, to attend concerts, theater, workshops, the café, kabutze, druckkammer, the hall and exhibitions. Your own ideas, formats or simply your time and energy to help are very welcome.

The road there

was long

The house at Stralsunder Straße 10 / 11 looks back on 170 years of history. From the society house in the 19th century, to the university building during the GDR, to STRAZE today, a lot has happened. We will report on this here in the future, as we gradually build up the chronicle.