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01. May 2023 ///

May is here!

With the last of the sand rubbed out of the corners of your eyes and spring fatigue knocked out of the carpet, things are really starting to heat up…

20. April 2023 ///

The Market of Opportunities in June

from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. in STRAZE`s garden, organised by House of Resources Greifswald

16. April 2023 ///

The North rings again!

Once again, the 32nd Nordischer Klang Festival brings music, art and literature to the Hanseatic city.

12. April 2023 ///

The discussion about dealing with the decision regarding citizens on Thursday

Invitation to an exchange on the topic of strategies to oppose the racist background of the citizens' decision on housing refugees

11. April 2023 ///

Voices against right-wing mobilization and colonial traces in MV

The new VeRa radio shows are now online.

03. April 2023 ///


The warm sunbeam has just licked yesterday's snow off the roof and shoveled it in front of our main entrance.

20. March 2023 ///

For Humanism and Cosmopolitanism: Greifswald as a Safe Haven

The organization Greifswald für Alle calls for solidarity, humanity and openness to the world

17. March 2023 ///

International Weeks against Racism in Greifswald

Including a varied program, the International Weeks against Racism will take place from March 20 to April 2, 2023.

03. March 2023 ///

People who have fled war, climate damage, catastrophies and poverty need a welcoming, solidarity and support, but not rejection and agitation!

The Declaration of Solidarity of the organisations Entwicklungspolitischen Netzwerk Sachsen, Eine-Welt-Landesnetzwerk M-V e.V., the association…

10. December 2022 ///

First 'kulturweit tandem' in Greifswald

Hello and n'di nami loooo!