The STRAZE is a place for theatre, politics, music, film, literature and party. There is space for initiatives, associations, workshops, open community offices. The house is open for spontaneous ideas and local needs.

STRAZEcafé and STRAZEkultur go on vacation
Make room on your towel, we're coming to the beach soon! From July 24 to August 25, we'll be taking it easy. Nevertheless, keep your eyes open for smaller events and beer garden opening times. But the hall and the café are now slathering themselves in sun cream and hammocking up. 
We continue on August 26 with the usual opening hours in the café from 2-6 pm and at 8 pm with GDR punk in the STRAZEkino. Schleimkeim: Otze und die DDR von unten.


The STRAZE is an open house with space to create together and room to try things out.


Summer, Sun (?), STRAZEprogram

Our program for July and August has just been printed.

Heatwave, heavy rain, the Kaulitz brothers on Netflix. Together throughout the monsoon with our scaled-down summer program. We're taking a bit of a break, but we've still got a few beauties for you when Greifswald is finally back from the Fusion. Dance through the afternoon together with young and old in the garden. Forget the election results for a moment, with atmospheric sounds. Then off to the beach! And we'll face the fall together with bared teeth.

Smelling of sun screen and mosquito spray

As always, you can find detailed information on individual events, registration options and ticket options here in the online program. 

The House

We have created a place that has the potential to have an impact on the region and the community. A free space and a nucleus for diverse activities. A place for experimenting and promoting more social and ecological models for the future.  read more