Every euro helps us to get our content up and running. 1000 thanks!

Every contribution to our donation account helps us keep our content up and running, thanks a bundle!

Note on donation receipts: In order to reduce the administrative workload, we only issue donation receipts above an amount of 300 €, since below that your own bank statement is sufficient as a receipt (-> as of January 2021). If you want a donation receipt, please send us a mail with your address (-> mail to: finanzen [ ät ]

Thank you for your support and understanding!

Loan and donation community

If you want to support us in the long term, you can do so by participating in a loan and donation community. For this purpose a group of people is formed. Each person in the group donates between 10 and 50 Euros per month over a period of three years. GLS Bank gives us the entire amount immediately and we can work with it right away.

Questions? Interested? (mail: to finanzen[ät]]


If you want to give us a private loan, please contact us: finanzen[ät]