11. April 2023 ///

Voices against right-wing mobilization and colonial traces in MV

The new VeRa radio shows are now online.


Dear friends of the acoustic and the linking of global and local issues,

Once again, VeRa, the verquer-radio for global justice, has new broadcasts, available online now! 

VeRa 163: Stimmen gegen rechte Mobilmachung

In various places in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, right-wingers are agitating against the accommodation of refugees. We take a look at the debate and ask people who are directly affected by racism or who have fled themselves about their positions and experiences - in Greifswald, Loitz and Teterow.


VeRa 162: Koloniale Spuren in M-V

Once again, VeRa reports on traces of colonial rule - in Greifswald and MV. It is about the trade with colonial goods, about Adolf Friedrich zu Mecklenburg, the role of the high nobility in the colonial period and about the role of church missions.