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MO 30

You look so German! (STRAZEkino)

The Israeli tour guide Nirit Ben-Joseph meets a distant relative by chance in Berlin. This is the beginning of an unknown journey into her family history.
Film screening -in the presence of the director- of the Filmclub Casablanca in the context of the Memorial Day of the Victims of National Socialism on January 27.
Documentary / DE 2018 / Nirit Ben-Joseph / OV + subtitles / 55 min

As an Israeli guide in Berlin, Nirit Ben-Joseph accompanies visitors through the dark past of the Holocaust in Berlin. Believing that her family was not affected, she has always kept a certain distance from the events during World War II during her tours. By chance, she meets a distant cousin in Berlin and learns that their mutual family members, Kurt and Thekla Feuerring, lived near her current home before the war and were murdered. With this knowledge, she begins her personal journey into her family's past. Confronted with the fact that she lives in the country of the perpetrators, she collects all the details of the Feuerring family and gives them to the joint family in Israel. (Petra Palmer)

Nirit Ben-Joseph was born in Hadera in 1961. After graduating in film and television studies at Tel Aviv University, she went on to study film and communication at the FU Berlin and has worked as a director and assistant director for German television. She has been giving historical tours in Berlin since 1998. You look so German! is her first documentary film of her own. The German premiere was during the Jewish Film Festival Berlin Brandenburg 2018.

Admission: from 7:30 pm
Start: 8:00 pm

Entrance fee: 5€

The film will be shown in the original language (German, English, Hebrew) with subtitles.

Monday is movie night at STRAZE.

Nirit Ben-Joseph

Trailer; Nirit Ben-Joseph