Note: Ongoing mask requirement at STRAZE

With respect to the many different groups of people using the STRAZE to work and for activities, we still require people visiting our house to wear masks while walking around and during events.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to require certificates of tests and/or vaccines for certain events (esp. concerts and parties). Please refer to the event pages in advance for further information. Thank you very much.

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TU 31
19:00 - 21:30h
DIY / Workshop Theater STRAZEseminarraumkulturweit-Tandem

Theater Project Critical of Racism

The third part of the four-part theater workshop on racism.

You want to deal with racism and want to do this with the means of theater? Then become part of our racism-critical theater project at STRAZE!
Whether you have dormant acting talents, want to learn about different forms of theater, or want to try writing scenes, you are welcome!

What's it about?
We want to combine two things: a discussion space that allows us to talk about experiences of racism and bring together different perspectives. In a next step, we want to think together about how the situation could (and should) have been different. We then want to transform the discussed problem situation into small theater scenes.

Of course, all those are welcome who have not experienced racism themselves, but would like to deal with racism, learn about it and support our theater project!

We will work on our scenes in four workshops, each of which will take place on Tuesday evenings at 7 pm,

Next workshop on 7 February. 

This training event of STRAZEkultur takes place in cooperation with the Kulturweit-Tandem program of the German UNESCO Commission.

Participation is free of charge.