Note: Ongoing mask requirement at STRAZE

With respect to the many different groups of people using the STRAZE to work and for activities, we still require people visiting our house to wear masks while walking around and during events.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to require certificates of tests and/or vaccines for certain events (esp. concerts and parties). Please refer to the event pages in advance for further information. Thank you very much.

[Translate to English:] Das Programm in der Straze

SU 29


Swapping, giving, selling, buying

Your closet is bursting at the seams? The corner in the hallway with the sorted out things you wanted to bring among the people for quite a while now, is overflowing? The one or other Christmas gift has not quite met your taste? You want to reduce the size of your collection of books, DVDs or other items?
You don't have anything to sort out and get rid of, but you want to browse in a relaxed atmosphere?

Then visit our flea market on January 29 from 2-6:00 pm.

Starting at 2:00 pm you can exchange, give away and sell (only private, not commercial) your stuff in the STRAZEsaal. Additionally the STRAZEcafé will provide you with delicious cakes and drinks.

Stand setup: from 1:00 pm (table, chairs and some hangers are available)
Stand fee: no fixed fee, donations are welcome
Registration: (subject: Flea Market January); last-minute participants just drop by on the 29th.

We look forward to seeing you!

Parking: There are enough spaces in front of the house for bicycles and cargo bikes. If you come by car, we kindly ask you to use the roads in front of/at the STRAZE at max for loading and unloading only and to use the parking lot at the Museumshafen for parking (daily fee 1€). And please don't use the fire department access road between Stralsunderstr. 10 and 9 at all. Thank you!