Note: Ongoing mask requirement at STRAZE

With respect to the many different groups of people using the STRAZE to work and for activities, we still require people visiting our house to wear masks while walking around and during events.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to require certificates of tests and/or vaccines for certain events (esp. concerts and parties). Please refer to the event pages in advance for further information. Thank you very much.

[Translate to English:] Das Programm in der Straze

MO 26
17:00 - 23:00h

Repair workshop and movie night

Repair instead of throwing away and then go and watch the movie
Workshop from 5 pm, movie will start at 8 pm

Repairing clothes rather than throwing them away?!
Bring old treasures to pep up and make them durable or let us show you various repair techniques.

At 8 pm we will show the film "Made in Bangladesh" about a female textile worker in her fight for fair working conditions.
Afterwards there will be an exchange with activist Cati Hauschild on the topic of supply chains and clean clothing.

Workshop: free of charge, from 5 pm
Cinema: 5€, STRAZEhall, starts at 8 pm.