Note: Ongoing mask requirement at STRAZE

With respect to the many different groups of people using the STRAZE to work and for activities, we still require people visiting our house to wear masks while walking around and during events.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to require certificates of tests and/or vaccines for certain events (esp. concerts and parties). Please refer to the event pages in advance for further information. Thank you very much.

[Translate to English:] Das Programm in der Straze

FR 30
Konzert / Party STRAZEsaalSchubertklasse der HMT Leipzig

Concert by the "Schubertklasse"(Leipzig)

Excerpts from opera, operetta and Walt Disney films - The "Schubertklasse" of the Leipzig Academy of Music is once again a guest in Greifswald

The "Schubertklasse" is a group of young voice students who receive excellent classical vocal training from KS Prof. Roland Schubert at the University of Music and Theatre »Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy« Leipzig. The students' training focuses on solo vocal training for work as opera singers, but also in concert, lied and sacred music. Thus, the programmatic range extends over all areas of classical singing - opera, art song, oratorio and sacred music, but also operetta and musical are part of the repertoire.

Every year the Schubert class goes on a concert tour abroad or in Germany to work intensively with KS Prof. Roland Schubert and the répétiteur Prof. Heiko Reintzsch vocally and musically and to give concerts in a wide variety of venues. In the concerts the singers perform mainly as soloists (accompanied on the grand piano or on the organ), but also polyphonically in vocal ensembles.

For the concert in the STRAZE, excerpts from opera and operetta and Walt Disney films; among others, "The Lion King", "Jungle Book", "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" are on the program.

Free admission!
A donation for the association "Junge Stimmen Leipzig" e.V. is requested.