Note: Ongoing mask requirement at STRAZE

With respect to the many different groups of people using the STRAZE to work and for activities, we still require people visiting our house to wear masks while walking around and during events.

Furthermore, we reserve the right to require certificates of tests and/or vaccines for certain events (esp. concerts and parties). Please refer to the event pages in advance for further information. Thank you very much.

[Translate to English:] Das Programm in der Straze

SA 08


The STRAZE celebrates autumn - juice making, hands-on activities, reading "Alles Gold" (german language) and more.

The fun starts at 2 pm!

The cidery Remy makes fresh juice from fruit brought along (prior registration with the cidery: +49 (0) 1 76 204 549 60), projects and initiatives from the STRAZE present themselves and invite to participate. There will be a fairytale tent and a flea market (standregistration:, +49 (0) 157 332 878 79 or come by spontaneously).
In addition: regional products and pumkin soup and other treats from the STRAZEcafé and cultural program.

Exhibition: Power from the Eastside! DT64 - The youth radio and its movement

6 pm: Reading (german language) with Andrej Murasov: Alles Gold
"Alles Gold" is a novel about friendship, love, being lost, and the hope for happiness, even when things are anything but shiny right now.

Admission: free. Donations welcome.

In cooperation with KATAPULT Verlag and with the financial support of the Partnerschaft für Demokratie Greifswald.