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Film & Gespräch STRAZEkino STRAZEsaalBritish Council, Koeppenhaus, Filmclub Casablanca e.V.

From Marx and Engels to Marks & Spencer ... (STRAZEkino)

and "From Marks & Spencer to Marx and Engels"
In 1987 and 1988, film teams travel to the other country - to Newcastle and Rostock.
Documentary / DDR, GB 1988 / Winfried Junge, Murray Martin / 2x 60 min / OV + german subtitle

An event cooperation of the British Council, the Koeppenhaus and the Filmclub Casablanca e.V.

In 1987 and 1988, an unusual film co-production took place between the GDR and Great Britain.
For the first time, film teams travel to the other country, bring people there in front of their camera and let them tell about their living and working situation. Winfried Junge and his DEFA team are guests in Newcastle and meet, among others, a union-committed cook and an unemployed man, who provide insights into their lives. Murray Martin and his staff from Amber Films make a return visit to Rostock and Warnemünde to talk to a brigade of female crane operators from the VEB Warnowwerft shipyard and to fishermen from the Warnemünde fisheries production cooperative.

The two sixty-minute parts of the film had their premiere in May 1989. They were shown under the title "These Brits - These Germans" and were intended to contribute to an understanding of the situation of working people in opposing social orders.

Today, the Filmclub Casablanca, in cooperation with the British Council and the Koeppenhaus, is showing both parts one after the other. Between the two screenings, Ellin Hare, who was involved in the production of the second part, talks via video link about the filming and her impressions of the GDR.

(Original title: From Marx and Engels to Marks & Spencer, GDR 1988, 60 min., OmU, Director: Winfried Junge
                        From Marks & Spencer to Marx and Engels, GB 1988, 60 min., OmU, Director: Murray Martin)

Admission: starts from 7:30 pm
Start: 8 pm
Admission fee: free/donation

"From Marx and Engels to Marks & Spencer" will be shown in German with Englisch subtitles.
"From Marks & Spencer to Marx and Engels" will be shown in English (no subtitles).


Mondays is movie night at STRAZE.

(c) DEFA Stiftung

(c) DEFA Stiftung, Photo: Hans-Eberhard Leupold

(c) DEFA Stiftung, Peter Roberts

(c) DEFA Stiftung, Peter Roberts