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MO 16

Triangle of Sadness (STRAZEkino)

In Ruben Östlund’s wickedly funny Palme d’Or winner, social hierarchy is turned upside down, revealing the tawdry relationship between power and beauty.
Tragicomedy / SE, DE, FR, GB 2022 / Ruben Östlund / 147 min / OV + German subtitles / BD / PG12

With carefully staged Instagram photos, models Carl (Harris Dickinson) and Yaya (Charlbi Dean) take their followers on a journey through their perfect (fashion) world - around the clock. When the young couple accepts the invitation to a luxury cruise, they meet Russian oligarchs, Scandinavian IT billionaires, British arms dealers, bored wives and a captain (Woody Harrelson) who quotes Marx in a drunken stupor. At first, between sunbathing, small talk and champagne breakfasts, the cruise is absolutely instagrammable. But during the captain's dinner, a storm hits and the couple finds themselves on a deserted island, along with a group of billionaires and a cleaner (Dolly De Leon) of the ship. Suddenly the hierarchy is turned upside down, because the cleaner is the only one who can fish and make fire.

Triangle of Sadness is one of the most exciting cinema events of 2022. Director Ruben Östlund won the Palme d'Or again at the Cannes Film Festival in May - five years after the success of The Square - for this sharp social critique.
He skillfully mixes drama, satire and slapstick into a never-before-seen explosive melange and definitively secures his status as one of the most important filmmakers of our time. No other director currently holds up a mirror to society in such an entertainingly provocative way.

Alongside the young leading actors Harris Dickinson (Beach Rats) and actress and model Charlbi Dean, Östlund places a great ensemble of experienced actors such as Woody Harrelson, Vicki Berlin, Iris Berben, Sunnyi Melles and Dolly De Leon.

Admission: from 7:30 pm
Start: 8:00 pm

Entrance fee: 5€

The Filmclub Casablanca shows the film in the original sound (English) with German subtitles.


Monday is movie night at STRAZE.

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Trailer, PG12; youtube: Filmtoast Trailer