The STRAZE is accessible by wheelchair. There is an elevator and a wheelchair accessible toilet.

MO 24
20:00 - 22:00h
STRAZEcinema STRAZEsaal Qube

STRAZEkino for Intersex Awareness Day

Theme evening on the topic of Inter*

On 26.10. is Intersex Awareness Day. We take this as an opportunity to organize a thematic film evening in the STRAZE.
The STRAZEkino takes place regularly on Mondays in the STRAZEhall.

On Oct. 24, starting at 8 pm, we will show the movies "She's Not a Boy" (US, 2019, 22min, engl.) and "No Box For Me" (FR, 2018, 58min, franc.)
In the two documentaries Tatenda, M. and Deborah are portrayed. They share with the audience their experiences as inter* persons in Zimbabwe and New York as well as in France.

Both movies will be shown in original language with German subtitles.
We will lay out flyers and information material on the topic of inter*.
There is no entrance fee for the film evening, but you are welcome to leave a donation.
Drinks will be available at the STRAZEcafé.

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What is the Intersex Awareness Day?
Every year on October 26, Intersex Awareness Day takes place. The day commemorates the first public protests of intersex people in Boston (USA). There, on October 26, 1996, a meeting of pediatricians took place, where inter* activists wanted to give a speech against gender-altering interventions on inter* children. Their goal was to raise awareness that such procedures are a massive violation of the bodies and rights of inter* people. However, after they were banned from speaking and expelled from the hall by security guards, they gathered for a demonstration in front of the conference venue.

Trailer: She's Not a Boy

Trailer: NO BOX FOR ME