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SU 09
10:00 - 18:00h
Seminar STRAZE House of Resources

Recognising,Criticising+Fighting Racism

Part I - Recognising racism (seminar/workshop)
(original date in September, now rescheduled to Oct 9, 2022).
Empowerment and exchange for people with experiences of racism

Racism is part of our everyday life and our society. Whether visible or invisible – racism influences our relationships and togetherness and has a violent effect. However, the experiences of those affected are often not recognised. When dealing with racism, it is often the debates about language and images that unsettle many. Many everyday terms and images have their origins in colonial racist ideas or are based on ideologies of inequality.
The seminar offers the opportunity for discussion and exchange. It sensitises people to recognise different forms and mechanisms of racism, to develop a self-reflexive attitude and to take the perspectives of those affected seriously.  

The workshops will be held in German. If you need a translation, please indicate your preferred language when registering and we will see what is possible.

The entire training series is free of charge for you.

It is possible to only register for one of the three seminars!

The training series is aimed at people who have experienced racism. If you are unsure whether the event is for you. Then feel free to contact us!

It is possible to only register for one of the three seminars!


About the event series
Racism is part of everyday life and the society in which we live. It influences interpersonal relationships, social interaction and has a violent effect. The training series deals with different forms of racism. We will talk about how racism is expressed, how it works and how it arises. The common exchange and the development of strategies for action against racist discrimination are at the centre of the event. How can we name racism? How can we become active together against racism and use our experience to stand up with strength against inhuman positions? In doing so, we will develop a self-reflective attitude and consistently take the perspective of those affected seriously. We want to create a safe space where racist prejudices and stereotypes are not reproduced. Therefore, the event is exclusively aimed at people with experiences of racism. We hope that the participants will be empowered on the basis of the joint work and feel able to independently develop and implement educational offers critical of racism in the future.

The training series is organised in cooperation with the Asta-Referat für Internationales und Antirassismus Greifswald and the Anne-Frank Bildungsstätte.