The STRAZE is accessible by wheelchair. There is an elevator and a wheelchair accessible toilet.

SA 09
TH 26
Exhibition STRAZEkursraum

MosaicV (audiovisual exhibition)

+++ Extended until October, 26 +++
Audiovisual exhibition based on podcasts of very personal migration stories from MV

MosaicV is a media space for people from all over the world living in MV to reflect on their migrant identity.
This exhibition with the help of audial and visual media goes to open a small window into the lives of migrants, their backgrounds and identities.
Our stories are testimonies to turbulent historical events, the dichotomy between local and global and the manifestation of our contradictory status as outsiders. They are very personal narratives. We portray our lives in our hometowns, why we left them and how it feels to be strangers in a homogeneous society proclaiming the migrant identity as a problematic and political issue. Each story in this mosaic has been shaped by the context of migration in global, national and personal histories.
We invite you to flow through our world of authentic migrant experience.

The exhibition can be visited from September, 9 untill Oktober, 26, from Sunday to Wednesday between 2 and 6 pm at STRAZEkurswerkstatt (1st floor).

Admisson: free