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Heave Blood & Die. Support: healthyliving

Cinematic-epic Alternative & Post-Rock from Norway and Scotland

Heave Blood & Die from Norway have been playing a melange of Post Rock, Doom / Post Metal, with one leg in Stoner Rock since 2014. On their latest, third album "Post People" they have found their sound, it becomes a bit more epic, made for the big screen in front of the inner eye. The mix of Scandinavian melancholy with restrained, but always in the background threatening hardness, goes full on. Absolutely worth seeing!

Healthyliving is the Scottish-German band project of Scott McLean (Ashenspire, Falloch), Stefan Pötzsch and Amaya López-C (Maud the moth). They present their debut album "Songs of Abundance, Psalms of Grief", which also cares little about genre boundaries. Alternative / post metal / trip hop / noise says Bandcamp. We say: Come by and listen!

Entrance: starts at 7.30 pm
Start: 8 pm
Admission: 9-12-15€ (according to self-assessment)

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