The STRAZE is accessible by wheelchair. There is an elevator and a wheelchair accessible toilet.

TU 25

Greifswald hilft - Info Evening

At our info-evening we will introduce ourselves and our work and invite you to join "Greifswald hilft" to develop a practice of solidarity together with and for refugees.

Since 2015, "Greifswald hilft" has been a structure for support and political work for and with refugees. We organize direct help and at the same time want to counter racist conditions in institutions and society. These are also clearly visible in the current right-wing mobilization against refugees in Greifswald and many other places in MV. Institutionally, racist laws and official practices, among other things, anchor inhumane living conditions for asylum-seeking people. We do political public relations work against this, organize ourselves MV-wide in the network Pro Bleiberecht with other groups and carry out cultural and educational events.

To continue this work, we need to become more! At "Greifswald hilft", many needs and abilities find space and we are in a constant process of reflection and change. New comrades-in-arms are an important part of this process, so come and join us!