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MO 16

Karaokeparatiisi / Karaoke Paradise (STRAZEcinema)

Kick-off of the "Music!" film series of the Filmclub Casablanca.
Documentary / FI 2022 / Director: Einari Paakkanen / 75 min / OV + English subtitles

When shy Finns pick up the microphone something extraordinary happens: singers come alive and show their true emotions. The stories of five people intertwine, opening a door to a hidden paradise, Finnish karaoke, where everyone is accepted and gets a round of applause.

They sing everywhere: in the shower, in the sauna, together on the bus. Sometimes without any glamour, sometimes in the spotlight of a stage. Songs about the loss of great love, full of longing and melancholy. The performance does not always sound professional, but is always presented with utmost devotion. From Schlager to Heavy Metal, intoned by young and old, by the inconspicuous and the conspicuous. There is Toni, for example, who tries to flee from the depressing banality of his everyday life and threatens to fail due to stage fright. Kari, who at an advanced age, full of biting self-irony, takes his first steps in online dating and searches for a companion at the dance evening in the multi-purpose hall. Or Laura, who wants to get over the death of her newborn. The film weaves the touching fates of its numerous protagonists into a colorful, sometimes bizarre panorama of Finnish society, in which music, a common song, promises healing as well as community and an end to loneliness.

Entrance: starts at 7.30 pm
Start: 8 pm
Admission: 5€

The film will be shown in the original sound (Finnish) with English subtitles.

The "Music!" film series, organized by the Filmclub Casablanca, runs Oct. 16-21, 2023 at STRAZE with the following films: Karaoke Paradise (Oct. 16), Music for Black Pigeons (Oct. 19), Orphea in Love (Oct. 20), and Can and Me (Oct. 21), each at 8 pm.

Monday is movie night at STRAZE.

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