The STRAZE is accessible by wheelchair. There is an elevator and a wheelchair accessible toilet.

SA 27
SU 28

Pentecost Fatigue 23

Making paper and chill

On both days you can make paper and relax with the [druckkammer] in the STRAZEgarden from 10 am to 1 pm.

We make paper together in the STRAZEgarten. The self-made sheets are taken home after drying and put to another wonderful use. Blossoms blown by the wind land in the freshly made paper and music plays in the background from the turntable...
According to the motto: Outside and very quietly we invite you to slowness at the scooping screen.

Registration is requested via: post[at]druckkammer[dot]org (subject: Nass, nass, nass)
Participation fee: donation
Times: 27. and 28.05., always from 10am00 -1pm00

Find out more on Instagram: _druckkammer_

(c) Julia Zmuda