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FR 08
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Brexit Colada : Das Erbe ("The Legacy")

90-minute neo-musical/musical theatre performance (in German)

We need to talk about heritage!

The activist duo Brexit Colada - inspired by the Rotzfreche Asphaltkultur ("snotty asphalt culture"), produced by Lio (Zerreißprobe) and Farina (Missratene Töchter)- brings eloquent songs to the stage with a huge concert grand piano. Honest, radical and humorous, the two aristocratic fringe figures pose elementary questions to a crumbling society on a groaning planet. With refreshing poetry, Brexit von Buttlar and Colada allow high culture to collide with pop culture, examine biographical family references to the German aristocracy and search for solutions for a future worth living. With influences from classical music, punk, rap, electronics, pop and songwriting, two revolting privileged people create a new genre: neo-musical. Mixed with performative and dance interludes, their debut show "Das Erbe" deals with resource distribution, solidarity and hedonism. Is prosperity a curse or a blessing in order to get ahead in the debate? There's a bit of aristocracy in all of us.

Performance: Brexit von Buttlar, Colada (pseudonym) / Production: Farina Jäger-Stabenow, Lionel Tomm / Sound: Jannik Bessert / Set design: Jirka Zett / Lighting: STRAZEkultur / Dramaturgical eye: Eva-Maria Glitsch, Paula Jütting, Matthias Schulze-Kraft / Sound engineering: Benedikt Hollerbach, Jakob Schumo / Graphic design: moteus-art / Photos: Farina Mietchen / Press: Hark Empen / STRAZE organisation: STRAZEkultur

Entrance: from 7.30 pm
Start: 8 pm
Admission: 8-14-20€ (according to self-assessment)

Further performance: Dec, 9th, 8 pm

The performance will be in German.


Trailer; youtube: Brexit Colada