The STRAZE is accessible by wheelchair. There is an elevator and a wheelchair accessible toilet.

FR 11
Concert STRAZEsaalSTRAZEkultur

Antispielismus. Support: Schampus Pankow

Ska-Reggae-Punk from Rostock

Ahoy from Rostock, Antispielismus is on board! Whoever is looking for a quiet evening should rather stay in the harbor: The crew of eight fires up with driving rhythms and blaring horns. The journey goes through the shallow waters of reggae, leads out onto the open sea of windy ska and steers directly into the dangerous shoals of punk rock. 
With a plain cosmopolitan and anti-fascist message in their luggage, they make the planks tremble so no leg can be kept still.

Support: Schampus Pankow (HRO)

Admission: 6-9-12€
Entrance: 7:30 pm