14. September 2023 ///

STRAZEprogram vol. 2309

(c) igel + ente, [druckkammer]

Outside is slowly getting out again, since the rain extinguishes the campfires on the beach and soaks the throw tents on the last festival fields. So why don't you come back to us?

For the STRAZEfest weekend, anyway: Friday Culture Night, Saturday colorful garden festival that leads to concerts and party, and on Sunday for the Day of the Open Monument. But also: cinema, vernissage, reading on Polish and GDR punk, political theater, clarinet matinee and workshops. In addition, a hearty Sláinte! from the newly moved Irish Session, who will now be with us biweekly in the café.

When, how and where exactly? You can find more information here or in the printed program - spread all over the city.

Hoping the mosquitoes will calm down soon as well,