02. June 2023 ///

New month. New program

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Inside and outside, June has a lot to offer. Theater, reading, cinema, music and old - yet no less current - topics to discuss.

The beer garden is open again, summer is just around the corner, and with it the Fête de la Musique. All is well, then? Can we rest for now and blow the cycling foam in each other's faces? Well.

Before we finally build a big stage in the garden again on 21.6. with GrIStuF, we have to demand, as so often, democracy-promoting: Go to the citizens' referendum on 18.6. Vote "yes".

It is clear to us: container villages are not a good solution. But if the alternative is to offer people in search of protection and refuge no perspective at all in the so-called safe port of Greifswald, "No" is definitely not an option.

Vote YES for solidarity, protection and human dignity