20. March 2023 ///

For Humanism and Cosmopolitanism: Greifswald as a Safe Haven

The organization Greifswald für Alle calls for solidarity, humanity and openness to the world

The undersigned oppose the protests held during the meetings of the Ostseeviertel district representatives and the main committee of the City Assembly at end of February and the beginning of March, respectively, here in Greifswald. These protests are organized by and attended by known radical right-wingers and conspiracy theorists via Telegram groups and other social media. They are characterized by racist and xenophobic prejudices that criminalize people based on their origin. We distance ourselves from both these radical right-wingers and these prejudices.

Similar protests took place in 2016 against the opening of the shared accommodation in Brandteichstraße. At that time, the fears of some residents of the Stadtrandsiedlung and other interested parties did not come true. Container villages are not a solution in the sense of a humane accommodation of refugees; a decentralized solution is always preferable. In the case of a short-term solution, container villages are nevertheless better than gymnasiums. As a "safe haven", such a short-term solution should be replaced by a concept of decentralized accommodation in Greifswald as soon as possible.

Greifswald should not join the multitude of cities that have become synonymous with a lack of humanity (e.g. Hoyerswerda, Mölln and Rostock-Lichtenhagen). The conditions at the unannounced meetings, which ultimately led to the threat to the mayor and other elected officials, should not occur in a cosmopolitan city like Greifswald and must not be repeated.

We therefore call for a vigil!
On 27.03.2023 at 17:30 o'clock on the occasion of the Bürgerschaftssitzung in front of the entrance to the multi-purpose hall Schönwalde Center, Ernst-Thälmann-Ring 11-13 (open space to the Penny).

For solidarity, humanity, cosmopolitanism!

The undersigned: 
Greifswald für alle, Bund Deutscher PfadfinderInnen Landesverband MV e.V., Bündnis #unteilbar, DGB Vorpommern,  Offene Jugendarbeit der Evangelischen Altstadtgemeinden, Evangelische Kirchengemeinde St. Jacobi, Evangelische Kirchengemeinde Dom St. Nikolai, Pommerscher Evangelischer Kirchenkreis, Jusos Vorpommern-Greifswald, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Vorpommern-Greifswald, DIE LINKE. Greifswald, PARTEI MENSCH UMWELT TIERSCHUTZ Regionalgruppe Vorpommern-Greifswald, Alternative Liste Vorpommern-Greifswald, Fridays for Future Greifswald, verquer., Greifswald hilft e.V., STRAZE, Flüchtlingsrat M-V e.V., Aktionsbündnis 8. Mai Demmin, Internationale Freiwilligendienstinitiative Turbina Pomerania, PRO BLEIBERECHT in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Verein zur Förderung solidarischer Lebensgestaltung e.V. (SoLe), LOBBI e.V., Landesverband Soziokultur MV, St. Spiritus Greifswald